Historical range (shaded) of Jaguar in the US Southwest. From R. Valdez (2000) \

Map 1. Historical range (shaded) of the jaguar in the US Southwest. Diamonds indicate outermost locations. This map is from Raul Valdez (2000) “Jaguar” chapter in the book Ecology and Management of Large Mammals in North America. 

Map 2.  Potential habitat for jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico, as determined by the Habitat Subcommittee of the Jaguar Conservation Team (2006). This map is based on records of past jaguar occurrence and habitat associations, surface water availability, absence of heavy agricultural or urban development, and other factors.


Map 3. An earlier map of the historic occurrence of jaguars by the renowned mammologist E. Raymond Hall.  Dr. Hall had demarcated 5 subspecies, thus the numbers on the map. Note: the overall area of occurrence for jaguar in Arizona and New Mexico is greater than the area in the nearby state of Sonora, Mexico.  Indeed, much of the jaguar’s most northern population once roamed the US!

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