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More JBAT photos

April 28, 2010

Jaguar riders ready to roll, Pena Blanca Lake, April 15, 2010.

J.D. holding his tail...and energized to start the JBAT, Pena Blanca Lake campground, April 15.

Hungry jaguar riders joined by Nogales family chow down.

Eat'n again after long ride to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, April 16, 2010.

Mr. Gary Flannery transforms into Mr. Giant Jag at the Tucson Earth Day Festival, April 17.

Let the parade begin!

"Puzzled cat" aka Randy Serraglio at Earth Day Festival, Tucson.

"Elvis the cat" is ready for a skit.

Above photos by Diane Flannery

Casey shares a sweatheart moment with a Patagonia resident.

Tim Storer (checkered shirt) bids JBATers farewell from Sonoita.

Eric's "ticket," another citizen endorsing our support statement for jaguar recovery in the U.S.

'What's up dude?" Craig explains jaguar's plight to USBP official.

Diane taking in the scenery in Nogales.

Jaguars can be scary...Heather prowls a parking lot.

Jaguar conservation cops Anna and Andrea.

Joyce hugs the shade near Oracle.

Jaguars are citizens too!

Jag gals at Catalina State Park.

Above photos by Dusti Becker.

And we always took time to view the landscape...

Jaguars we found come in all sizes.

Una lemonada for jaguar riders served up by sweet people of southern Arizona.

Dusti and Eric warm up the scene for Tony's jaguar talk.

Tony introduces the jaguar and the JBAT to a good crowd at Patagonia Lake State Park.

"It's hell over there!" Jaguars ponder treacherous I-10 near Vail. "Ain't there supposed to be underpasses for wildlife?"

Mike and Heather conspire to save the jaguar.

Above photos by JD Trebec.

One fine (chilly) day

Free tamales to go...Thanks TT!

Reach for the sky!


Final Mileage

Above photos by Heather Batts.

fait accompli...Earth Day 2010 at the Arizona State Capitol.