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New jaguar policies are a must… 

The Arizona Game and Fish Department must re-create its jaguar policy. See letter_l-voyles_4-16-09 

And so must the US Fish & Wildlife Service. See letter_salazar_4-16-09

Evidence of resident jaguars in the southwestern United Statesresidentjaguars 

Key quotes from the article : “The current population of jaguar in the borderlands region, and particularly the United States portion of that population, appears to be dependent on large expanses of core and connective habitats…”

 “…the availability of suitable habitat for jaguars in the southwestern United States will be increasingly important for the long-term survival of the species in the borderland region.”

The jaguar in the Southwest: Borderland or borderline conservation? (lifenet-jaguar-program-critique-2002)

This article gives background on the jaguar situation in Arizona and New Mexico. It critiques state and federal agency inaction on habitat conservation, and provides recommendations.

See our letter to Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona asking for her help to have the Arizona Game and Fish Department work to protect jaguar habitat in Arizona: letter-to-az-governor7-7-08

We’ll report back on her response.

History of jaguars in North America jag-in-culture_1974

Here’s a fascinating discussion of jaguars in what is now the US since Pleistocene times, with reference to human cultures.

US Fish & Wildlife Service refuses to do a recovery plan for jaguar — gets sued

As an endangered species protected under the US Endangered Species Act, the jaguar deserves the benefit of a federal “recovery plan.” Recovery plans provide a comprehensive road map for species conservation with details of actions needed to protect and restore a species.

A major reason why the jaguar needs a recovery plan is to protect its habitat in Arizona and New Mexico. Since the jaguar in the US was listed as endangered over a decade ago, neither federal nor state wildlife agencies have worked to conserve jaguar habitat despite all the threats to it from land development and other factors.

In February of 2008, the US Fish and Wildlife Service formally refused requests from conservationists to get on with recovery planning for the jaguar.

In response, the Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife have filed lawsuits to require the Service to do its work on the jaguar’s behalf.

Question: When will public wildlife agencies, like the US Fish and Wildlife Service, uphold their resposibilities to restore endangered species like the jaguar? Answer: When folks like you and me raise hell! You’ll soon see suggestions on this blog for doing just that.

Stay tuned for more!

Update: The case goes to court…See our letter (3-6-09) to Ken Salazar, President Obama’s Secretary of the Interior.

Update: Federal Judge John Roll has ordered the US Fish & Wildlife Service to revisit its decisions not to prepare a recovery plan for the jaguar and protect its critical habitat in the US. The agency is currently in violation of the US Endangered Species Act by not doing so. See the judge’s complete ruling on March 30, 2009: jaguar-court-decision_3-09

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