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 Here’s how:

Contribute information to this blog on threats to jaguar habitat and on opportunities to protect and restore it in Arizona and New Mexico.

Respond to suggestions — under “Threats” and “Conservation Opportunties” and “Hot Spots” (for urgent action) on what you can do to help protect jaguar habitat.

Want to see this happen?:


4 Responses to “Join the Campaign”

  1. Shar Porier Says:

    Please keep me informed of the cycling event. I’d like to do a story on this.

    Feel free to email or call me at 520-515-4692.

  2. jaguarhabitatusa Says:

    Hi Shar,

    Absolutely, we’ll keep you posted. And thank you for your interest!

    Tony Povilitis

  3. Amanda Potter Says:

    Hello. I am very excited to read about your cycling event! I am currently pursuing a second degree in Ecology and am very interested in Conservation Biology.
    I live in NJ and have friends (and of course myself) who would love to cycle this event for 8 days. With school and work, it may be a little tricky, but I was hoping to get more information from you.
    If able to participate, should we fly in with our bikes or drive? And if driving, I am thinking we’d need to leave our car in the event’s departure site and somehow travel back after the finish to pick up our car again. Also, are there accommodations for the nights in between when we will be resting? Just wondering if we need to bring packs and sleeping bags and basically wondering about the whole logistics of participating since we live on the east coast.
    Thank you for your time!

    • jaguarhabitatusa Says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I just replied via email to those good questions. Also, we’ll soon be posting information on the Jaguar Bike-A-Thon in a “Frequently Asked Questions” format. Hope you & friends can make it out to springtime Arizona all the way from the Garden State!


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