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The Jaguar in the U.S. Southwest Gets Short Shrift in New “Recovery” Document

April 29, 2012

How can this be? Well, the newly released (April 2012) “Jaguar Recovery Outline” of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service feebly addresses jaguar recovery in the U.S., and  instead looks south of the border where it has no jurisdiction.

Is this yet another ploy by the nation’s top wildlife agency to shrug its responsibility to restore the jaguar to the U.S.? (Sorry if this smacks of cynicism but as readers of this blog will note, the agency has a decades-long history of foot dragging on jaguar conservation).

The Jaguar Recovery Outline is available online at:

View our Comments on USFWS jaguar recovery outline with our plea to the agency to refocus its jaguar program in a manner that will recover the species in the United States. Is this too much to ask for?