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Campaign seeks Jaguar Recovery Plan

November 25, 2009

In November presentations at Prescott College (Prescott, Arizona) and the Carnivores Conference 2009 (Defenders of Wildlife, Denver), Dr. Tony Povilitis, head of the Jaguar Habitat Campaign, urged conservationists to press hard for a recovery program for the jaguar under the US Fish & Wildlife Service. His talks, emphasizing related policy issues and advocacy, focused on the need for the Service to begin the program. Recovery programs  are normally required for wildlife, such as the jaguar, that are on the US endangered species list.  The jaguar was so listed over a dozen years ago, but still does have even a federal recovery plan.

Dr. Povilitis recently wrote a letter to the US Fish & Wildlife Service director, Mr. Sam Hamilton, requesting on meeting on jaguar policy. His office was kind enough to arrange a forthcoming discussion between Mr. Gary Frazer, Assistance Director for Endangered Species, and Dr. Povilitis. We’re hoping for positive results!