Major challenges include the US Department of Homeland Security’s building of physical barriers along the US-Mexico border, a proposed mining operation in prime jaguar habitat, and a proposed power transmission project that would cut through jaguar movement corridors. A must read! Have a look at our suggestions on how you can help.

Note: More on threats to jaguar habitat and on what we can do about them will appear here. Relevant information that you send us will be incorporated on this page or under “Inputs From You“.  Thank you for caring about the jaguar!


3 Responses to “THREATS TO HABITAT”

  1. jaguarhabitatusa Says:

    Border fences dramatically curtail the “freedom to roam” needed by wildlife for dynamic, healthy populations. At the same time, the 24-7 traffic of backcountry border crossers and related law enforcement activity is also disrupting wildlife movement and normal behavioral patterns. I recently studied this problem for the National Park Service at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona. For the jaguar at this time, an impermeable border fence would be the worse of two evils.

    Obviously, the best solution for jaguar and other wildlife would be no border fence and an end to illegal traffic across the border by other means. Ending heavy cross-border traffic will in my view require, among other things, an effective foreign guest worker program and stiff penalties throughout the US for employers of undocumented workers. Your views?

  2. Lainie Levick Says:

    Thanks for putting the info on the Rosemont mine on your website. Just a couple of minor corrections.

    The subsidiary is called Rosemont Copper Company (not Rosemont Coroporation), and the parent company is Augusta Resource Corporation (not Augusta Resources).

    Thanks! We’ll include concerns about the jaguar in our official comments to the Forest Service.

    Lainie Levick
    Save the Scenic Santa Ritas

  3. jaguarhabitatusa Says:

    Hello Lainie,

    I’ve made those corrections. Thank you for fighting to protect the Santa Ritas!

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