Urgent Appeal to Conservation Biologists

The US Fish & Wildlife Service is in the process of deciding on whether to end its  long neglect of the jaguar and develop a recovery plan and protection for  jaguar habitat in the U.S.

Please contact Mr. Gary Frazer of the Service’s endangered species office in support of a new, progress policy for the jaguar. For details, please read our appeal to wildlife biologists, zoologists, and other professionals working in the field of conservation biology. Dr. Tony Povilitis of the Jaguar Habitat Campaign spoke with Gary Frazer on December 7, and encourages others to contact him at this critical time.

Related professional news:  

The American Society of Mammalogists strongly supports a recovery program to restore the jaguar as a native species of the U.S., passing a resolution to that effect in 2007. Read its recent letter to the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Dr. Brian Miller and Dr. Howard Quigley, big cat biologists, have also been urging the US Fish & Wildlife Service to develop a recovery plan and create a scientific team for the jaguar.  They envision a recovery area extending from northern Arizona and New Mexico to the Mexican states of Sonora and Sinaloa. If you’d like copies of their memos please contact Dr. Tony Povilitis at tpoviltis@lifenetnature.org

Biologist Dave Parsons, who headed the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program for 9 years, also encourages the US Fish & Wildlife Service to move ahead with a recovery program for the jaguar. Read his message to Mr. Frazer.

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