BAT for the Jaguar!

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tn_bike201_gifBAT for the Southwest Jaguar!

 Hear ye, Hear ye…Calling cyclists and supporters for the upcoming Jaguar Bike-A-Thon in Arizona.

We will be going the “extra mile” for the jaguar – pedaling a route of over 300 miles from the Arizona-Mexico border to Phoenix, Arizona, to demonstrate our strong support for bringing back the jaguar as a native species of the American Southwest.

We invite you to join us for all or part of this important event, or pledge your support and assistance (see check off below).

When: Spring 2010.  Exact dates to be decided.  Please fill out our Jaguar BAT Questionnaire .

Itinerary (Subject to change/modification): The US-Mexico Border at Sasabe; Arivaca; Coronado National Forest; Nogales area; Patagonia-Sonoita, Saguaro National Park;  Tucson; Oracle; Superior; Phoenix. We will make short stops in or near areas of important jaguar habitat, places where jaguars were know to have occurred, and locations where there are threats to jaguar habitat.

Objectives: Our purpose is to build public awareness and support for recovery of the endangered  jaguar in the American Southwest.  We will talk to people along our route and carry conservation messages from them along with proposals to restore the jaguar. We’ll present these to federal and state officials and elected leaders in Phoenix.

 ____Sign me up! I will peddle to show my support for jaguar recovery during all or part of the event. I will gladly help with costs for a jaguar T-shirt and other items to be worn or carried by our team while on the Jaguar Bike-A-Thon.

I want to support the Jaguar BAT! I can do so in the following way (s) (check off):        

  ___ give a donation                          ___provide/drive a support vehicle

  ___host cyclists along the route      ____other (please indicate):

Please send your name, address, e-mail, and interests to: Dr. Tony Povilitis, Jaguar Bike-A-Thon:

E-mail:  Regular mail: 6423 South Bascom Trail, Willcox, AZ 85643

8 Responses to “BAT for the Jaguar!”

  1. Jan Zinkl Says:

    I’ll give a donation to this. There is also a slight possiblity I could come down and help with the event. (I live in Denver) Jan Zinkl

  2. jaguarhabitatusa Says:

    Great. We are talking with conservation groups about making this a truly magnificent event!

    Please bring others from Colorado!

  3. aeyn edwards Says:

    I am interested in this. i live in Tucson. it could be fun, and certainly is worthwhile.

    one thought: PLEASE don’t use kokopelli on the bike as the logo. let kokopelli chill out on his own, without having to be co-opted for every thing else under the sun.


  4. jaguarhabitatusa Says:

    Hello Aeyn,

    Thanks for contacting us. We will be in touch via email. As for an official logo for the “Jag-A-Thon”, we’re not there yet. Know anyone who likes to design them? Kokopelli no doubt will have his rest…


  5. WildByNature Says:

    Do you have a logo design yet? Am trying to encourage my artist friend to submitting an idea.

  6. Janie Swartz Says:

    Congratulations Tony, I love the pix of your journey…Love the Jaguar costumes, tshirts, visit to border fence and congrats on parade…so good some of the legisature was there at the end.

  7. Eugene Sprong Says:

    A Fantastic post, I will be sure to save this post in my Clipmarks account. Have a awesome evening.

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