Tragic Death of Arizona Jaguar

The jaguar known as “Macho B” was euthanized less than 2 weeks after he had been captured and radio-collared for study by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (see news story). The news was very hard to take.

Barring a remarkable coincidence, the trauma and handling of capture led to his death. Macho B was an older male (15-16 years)  but apparently healthy when captured. He reportedly was caught in a trap set for a study on black bear and mountain lion, an equally remarkable coincidence given that he is one of very few jaguars documented in Arizona over the past decade.

The Jaguar Habitat Campaign opposes capturing  jaguars in the U.S. for scientific purposes, given how rare they are today, and given the risk associated with capture (especially for older animals).

In truth, we already know what jaguars need to recover their numbers in the Southwest: safe wild areas to live in and preserved habitat  movement corridors across the landscape. In other words, an end to the destruction of what remains of jaguar habitat.

We ask the US Fish and Wildlife Service to suspend authorization to state wildife agencies to capture jaguars letter_3-9-09. The Service needs to get on with a jaguar recovery plan, as required under the US Endangered Species Act.

Less manipulation and more preservation of nature is what the jaguar desparately needs.

We call on Interior Secreatary and President Obama for a federal jaguar recovery program.  letter 3-6-09

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