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The jaguar, one of the most beautiful animals on Earth, still roams our borderlands! But precious few remain. The sobering truth is that the great cat can only make a comeback and reclaim its historic range in the American Southwest if people protect the wild and open country it needs. That obviously is a tremendous challenge now that Arizona is the fastest growth state in the US.


My involvement with jaguar began about 15 years ago when I asked the US Fish and Wildlife Service to place the species on the domestic list of endangered wildlife. Since then I’ve worked to have state and federal wildlife agencies fulfill their responsibilities for protecting jaguar habitat so that population recovery would be possible.


Unfortunately, it is now clear that the agencies regard the jaguar as  “politically too hot” and may never get around to protecting jaguar habitat.   


So it is up to citizens like you and I to act if we want the jaguar back!


This blog will focus on threats to jaguar habitat and on opportunities to protect and restore it. It will help us advocate for science-based measures to conserve jaguar habitat with county officials, natural resource agencies, border authorities, land managers, community organizations, elected officials, the media, and others.


The Jaguar Habitat Campaign, which hosts this blog, is about protecting jaguar habitat in the US. It’s also about helping to conserve our rural environment and surrounding wild lands. As such it will contribute to broader efforts to conserve ecologically intact landscapes in the Southwest. 


Asia has its tiger and Africa its lion – right here at home the jaguar is our big cat to protect and restore!


Please help by volunteering your skills and/or support. I invite you to contact me at


Tony Povilitis, Ph.D.

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  1. Andrea Gaines Says:

    Let’s get Barack Obama and John McCain to comment on whether, if elected president, they will enforce the law — simply enforce the law. The jaguar is legally designated as an endangered species in the United States and deserves the full protections of the Endangered Species Act!
    Both candidates should also take a stand on whether they would restore the environmental laws that the Bush Adminsitration suspended in the name of “national security” and that silly and ridiculously waste border fence. Fences don’t solve anything!

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